[ Feature ]
Multi-purpose equipment for cleaning,dry,coating,developing, etching,striping (The photo is shown the cleaning model)
 Work Size
 白2 inch ~ 白6inch
 Cleaning  Disk brush & MS as standard type
 Spin Motor  AC servo motor 200W
 Nozzle  ㄡnozzle standard type
 (pure waterㄚuser choice)
 Rotation  50╪5000rpm
 Rotation Adjust  Volume
 Rotation accuracy  Less than▽ㄠrpm
 Indicator  Digital
 Option  Hi-pressure jet nozzle & Chemical
 CDA.  0.5MPa.More 0.5坐/min
 Pure water  0.2MPa.More 1坐/min
 Power  AC100v or 200v 50ㄞ60Hz 12A 10ㄔ
[ Feature ]
Small & Compact Design
 Work Size
 白6inch, 仰8inch 2 or 4 carriers
 白800mm SUS304
 Body materials  SS with baked painting
 Spin motor  Induction motor + Invertor
 Rotation  0╪1,000rpm﹜
 set as desired,option 1,200rpm
 Indicator  Digital
 Rotation step number  2step
 Power  AC200V 白3 15A 50/60Hz ▽10ㄔ
 Dry air  0.5MPa. More 5L/min RC1/4 ※
 Exhaust  白150mm diameter,duct,8m3 per min &  more an automatic damper
 Drain  12A pvc, 8L/min