The Contactless Resistivity Tester is a device meant for testing electrical resistance on flat and bubble surfaces of semiconductor ingots. Measuring of the resistivity of the silicon ingots is based on the determination of magnetic energy power losses caused by eddy currents inside the ingot. It enables repidity and contactlessness of measurement and does not require special surface treatment before measurement. Tester operation and measurement data processing are carried out by a PC.
* Application : Silicon Ingots
[ Specification ]
 Measured resistivity range, Ohmcm
0.1-100 (3%)
0.001-0.5 ( 3%)
 Measurement duration, sec
 Minimal Diameter of measured surface, mm2
30 x 30
 Consumed power,W
< 5
80 (2)
 Atmospheric pressure,kPa
 Dimensions (without probe), mm
280 x 200 x 60
Device is equipped with a set of standard samples for calibration.